Have you ever had professional portraits taken of
yourself? If not, why not?

Here are the top two reply’s I constantly here from
woman in consultations when discussing the possibility
of having a contemporary glamour portrait shoot in my
Shrewsbury studio.


If I had a penny for every time I have heard this one I
would be a millionaire!
Why can we not just love ourselves the way we are?
We spend our lives worrying about our weight and what
size clothes we fit in! Yo-yoing up and down and making
ourselves unhappy when we fail on the current diet we
are using. We need to stop and embrace who we are and
not what we look like regardless of our clothes size. As
long as we are happy and healthy it doesn’t matter!
Put your arms around yourself and give yourself a BIG
hug. Love yourself for who you are not what size you are
and remember, time waits for no man or woman! Live
life for NOW not for tomorrow!



PHOTOGENIC. Meaning: Looking attractive in
photographs or on film.

A really good photographer will take the time to get to
know you and really connect with you. Listen to how you
want to be seen in your portraits. We know the
importance of how to pose any body shape. Whether it be
slim, athletic, curvy, tall, short or anything else in
between. We also know how to use different lighting
techniques to flatter any age or skin tone. We understand
that you will be nervous in front of our camera but, we
will help to relax and guide you and before you know it
you will be having fun and enjoying the whole
experience!And most importantly of all when you finally
see your portraits you won’t believe that the confident,
fabulous woman looking back at you is YOU!

So, I hope this blog has helped to give you some food for
thought if either of these issues or maybe both were
holding you back from booking a portrait shoot but, even
if it’s helped to just love yourself a little and give
yourself some grace then my job is done.

Julie x