Pink October Competition

If you or someone you know has faced the daunting challenges of breast cancer, you understand the mental and physical toll it can take.

I’ve personally witnessed my sister and best friend navigate this challenging journey, and I’m grateful that they both won the battle and live every day with gratitude and to the full! Additionally, Lucy and I, at OWNIT LIFESTYLE, have had the privilege of working with clients who’ve battled this dreadful disease, each with their own unique story of strength.

That’s why we’re excited to offer one remarkable lady the opportunity to win a transformative GLOWUP AND PHOTOSHOOT. We invite you to either enter this competition or nominate a loved one who has demonstrated unwavering courage throughout their breast cancer journey and deserves to be pampered.

This experience can be a profoundly empowering way to celebrate not only your physical beauty but also your resilience. By participating, you’ll help us raise awareness about breast cancer and the significance of early detection. It’s a platform to spotlight the unbreakable spirit and inner beauty of survivors.

Together, we can share your inspiring story and remind the world that you are defined not by your diagnosis but by your extraordinary spirit, courage and beauty.
All you have to do to enter or nominate is fill out the form with a little bit about yourself or your loved one’s journey through breast cancer and the winner will be selected by myself and Lucy. xx

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