5 Outfit Ideas for Your Boudoir Experience

Many outfits can be worn for a boudoir experience. In fact, the list is endless. Some clients are comfortable showing more skin than others, and this has to be taken into consideration when thinking about what you might like to wear. However, I find that most clients find their confidence pretty quickly once the shoot gets started, and they get a little more daring as it goes along. But, I am always led by the client and want them to feel safe and secure in my studio, and it is entirely up to them how they want to be seen in their beautiful images.


The Jacket 

It’s a great way to start your experience if you are feeling a little nervous. Imagine a bra and pants set underneath or maybe just pants. You can hold onto your lapels for a strong, feisty look or let one shoulder loose. You can lie on the floor and show off those beautiful legs. I’ve had clients bring in their favourite denim, leather, faux fur, and even a tuxedo jacket with an amazing pair of Louboutins. The possibilities are endless.


The Bodysuit

When you are in my studio, I don’t allow any negative talk about your body. I want you to fully embrace every line and curve and feel safe and seen. But, I do completely understand that you may have parts of your body that you want to remain covered, and this is where the bodysuit comes in! It’s still fitted, so it shows off your beautiful figure while covering your tummy. They can be lacy, strappy, asymmetric, or with or without sleeves, and they are perfect for a silhouette or overhead shot.


The Oversized White Shirt

 Many of my clients have opted for the white shirt. It’s so versatile! It can be soft and romantic or sultry and sexy! It can be slipped off one shoulder or both to show beautiful shoulders, neck, and décolletage area. You can also choose to wear nothing underneath or beautiful lingerie which can then lead to your next set.


The Lingerie Set

Worn with or without stockings and suspenders. Always viewed as the most sexy thing to wear for a boudoir shoot. The choices are endless, but, as my style of boudoir is black and white, all you have to think about is the style. What do you feel sexy in? How do you want to be seen? Make sure it is the perfect fit in all the right places and not too tight. The same goes for the stockings. Buy a size or two larger to avoid any unnecessary bulges at the top of the thighs.


The White Sheet

This is one of my most popular outfits! Although technically it’s not an outfit. However, you can be wrapped in its softness as you lie either naked underneath or wearing lingerie. I will pose you in a way to show off your shoulders and back by draping it perfectly to leave just enough to the imagination. Roll in it to achieve that “I just woke up like this” look, or you can choose to be a little more daring. The choice is always yours!

So, there we have it, 5 perfect wardrobe ideas for your boudoir experience. It’s all very simple, really. You and your body are the star of the show, and what outfit you choose just enhances that. And let’s not forget if you choose to wear nothing at all for a fine art nude style experience, then that’s okay too. But, I’ll save that for another blog…

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